Episode 9: My Brother’s Keeper

Welcome to Cast Party’s actual play podcast. In PodCast Party: Descent Into Avernus, Dungeon Master Matt Gordon leads players Tal Aviezer, Andy Cannistra, Carolyn Fox, and Rachel Tamarin from the shadows of Baldur’s Gate to the front lines of the Blood War.

In episode 9, Mortlock Vanthampur explains what’s REALLY going on in the Dungeon of the Dead Three – and the role his family has played.

Mortlock Vanthampur
Map of the Dungeon of the Dead Three – can you trace our route through episodes 3-9?
A dragon cultist, follower of Tiamat.

Dissonant Whispers music:
From the Eventyrsuite (Fairy Tale Suite) for violin (1932) by Bjarne Brustad 
Played by violinist Carrie Rehkopf, CC BY-SA 3.0 

Vicious Mockery music:
“Whiskey, you’re the devil” 
 Uploaded by: Roger Zenner 
Played by: Edit Kovács *Instrument: Violin 

Partita No.3 J.S.Bach (Minuet_1) by Vicond

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