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Cast Party is a group of D&D fans who also happen to be professional actors, directors, artists, producers, and friends with decades of collective gaming and storytelling experience.

And we want to play Dungeons & Dragons with you!

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Cast Party Dungeon Masters are now available for private bookings for online games. We will run one-shots, mini campaigns, or full campaigns. We’ll work with you to meet your schedule needs, and pair you with a dungeon master who will suit your desired style of play and will fit your budget. Contact us at for details.

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Current Offerings:

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Join us for WINTER’S SPLENDOR, a 2-to-3 hour adventure for 3rd level characters, on Wednesday, Feb 2 at 7pm EST with DM Rachel Savicki.

You’re invited to the Winter Gala in the City of Splendors!   The festivities include a bustling outdoor market and special performances at the Cassalanter Villa, which the Cassalanters have graciously opened to the public for the duration of the celebrations.  But among the jovial festivities, a sinister mystery waits to be unwrapped!

Up to 6 players, ages 18+.



Our professional DMs will run the adventure or campaign of your choice OR feel free to choose from the options below:


Play the best-selling, critically-acclaimed SECRETS OF THE BLIND PALACE adventure online, DMed by author Tal Aviezer himself!

The wealthy Von Crofts hire a party of adventurers to find the body of their dead son in a haunted pleasure palace – and to bring him back to life. To aid in their quest, the resurrectionists are provided with a guide: the only survivor of the previous expedition, a bard who has been unable to speak a word or sing a note since she escaped from the Blind Palace.

A thrilling adventure filled with mystery, discovery, choices that matter, engaging role-playing, and exciting combat. Inspired in part by the poem The Haunted Palace by Edgar Allen Poe, and by the novels Great Expectations by Charles Dickens and The Shining by Stephen King, and by the Evil Dead movies.

Book a private online game of SECRETS OF THE BLIND PALACE for your group! The adventure will run 5-7 hours, over 2 sessions.

Dungeon Master: Tal Aviezer

3-7 players, age 18+

Fee: $25 per player per session

Email us at to book this campaign; please us subject line “Blind Palace”.


A short campaign for levels 1-5

Join us for a campaign set in the animal-inhabited world of the Humble Wood. This Dungeons & Dragons 5e campaign features new races and spells, three new subclasses, and an entire universe of anthropomorphic adventure! Perfect for any “Redwall”, “Secret of NIMH”, or “Frog&Toad” fans out there. This animal kingdom is its own mix of magic and mayhem, chivalry and charm. Join as an individual player, or book the entire 8-week campaign for your private group to enjoy!

Dungeon Master: Patrick Marran

3-7 players, age 18+

Fee: $20 per player per 3-hour session

Email us at to book this campaign; please us subject line “Humblewood”.

Kids’ Campaign: The Young Wizards’ Council

At the Council of Quills, a prestigious Magic Academy in the land of Omagh, young magic-users are sorted into a wizard school chosen just for them. Thus begins a multi-week adventure of spells, secret chambers, magical pets, angry plants, friendship, and much more. Please contact us if you would like to book this 6-8 week kids’ campaign!

Dungeon Master: Patrick Marran

3-5 players, age 8-11

Fee: $15 per player per 2-hour session

Email us at to book this campaign; please us subject line “Young Wizards”.

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