About Us

Tal Aviezer

Tal is the Artistic Director of NYC-based Red Monkey Theater Group, for whom he writes and acts in a series of ongoing site-specific Sherlock Holmes plays performed at both Bartow-Pell Mansion-Museum in NYC and at Lyndhurst mansion in Tarrytown, NY. Tal has directed and produced numerous stage shows over the past 21 years, many of them works of Shakespeare.

Tal has worked as a voice actor and voice director for video games and for numerous local and national radio stations. Training: National Theater Institute, Royal Shakespeare Company. An experienced DM, Tal considers D&D to be a powerful interactive storytelling tool and an engine of creativity, empathy, friendship, and fun. His style includes an equal emphasis on role-playing, exploration and discovery, and combat. His original best-selling D&D adventures are available at DMsGuild.com.

Andy Cannistra

Andy is a multi-award-winning writer, RPG terrain builder, and voiceover actor whose love of D&D began when the older kids he gamed with forced him to be the cleric. He swore never to be the stupid healer again. He currently portrays Painbearer Corbin Shiv on Cast Party’s original play D&D podcast Podcast Party: Descent into Avernus. And of course, he’s the cleric.  As a dungeon master and player, Andy utilizes story as the creative force in the worlds he builds, the dungeons he constructs, and the characters he embodies. He credits his storytelling skills to D&D, an extensive background in screenwriting, and just being a kid at heart. Andy completed the film program at New York University and holds a BA in biology. But these accomplishments do not preclude him from speaking in ridiculous accents, playing games, attending Ren Faire as a jester, running a 10K as a stormtrooper, or dreaming up many, many more adventures, preferably not as the cleric.

Carolyn Fox

Carolyn is a professional artist and Manager of the Exhibit Production Shop for the Wildlife Conservation Society at the Bronx Zoo.  She and her group of artists sculpt trees, paint murals, and create natural environments for a plethora of animals to promote conservation of wildlife and wild places. She also has over twenty-five years of experience in scenic carpentry and set design. 

As a kid in the 80s, Carolyn used to go to the hobby store in the mall to buy those old pewter figurines of dwarves and skeletons so she could superglue them into shoebox dioramas (sometimes the skeletons worked in a supermarket, and this was before she knew about S-Mart). 

She always wanted to play D&D, but didn’t know anyone else who played. So she moved on to supergluing different kinds of things together and became an artist. She hit the jackpot when Tal started DMing again in 2017, and she’s been making maps and props and adventuring with great people ever since!

Matt Gordon

Matt Gordon has been involved with role-playing since he was six years old. Whether it be acting or Dungeon Mastering for friends, family, and others, Matt enjoys involving himself as an active participant in a good story. Working with Red Monkey Theater Group has granted him ample opportunities to do just that, being in six productions in the last seven years, and helping to bring Dungeons & Monkeys, RMTG’s annual D&D charity event, to life for the last four. You can follow Matt on Twitter @mbg98 and learn more at mattbgordon.com. Matt is the primary Dungeon Master of the Twitch streaming channel Slices & Dices, broadcasting every Friday on twitch.tv/slicesndices.


Cameron Blair

Cameron Blair is an acclaimed writer and designer of D&D adventures featured in the Uncaged Anthology Vol. 4, Adventurers League, and several other projects on the DMs guild. Filled with stories and the need to tell them since he was young, Cameron flings himself into narratives that draw players in deeper and deeper as they continue, surrounding players on all sides with character, horror, and the urge for adventure at every step! Cameron is an avid advocate for the TTRPG safety tools and looks to create an inclusive, safe environment for all players to spread their role-playing wings. 

Sean Hendrickson

Sean is a teaching artist, game designer and long-time DM based in Seattle. He develops and teaches curriculum using tabletop games like D&D in the classroom with Carpe DM and started writing TRPG content for the DMsGuild with Quill & Cauldron in 2019. Sean’s not sure if roleplaying games brought him to working in theatre or the other way around, but he’s been pulling people into play and narrative around tables covered in dice for well over a decade. Sean joined with Cast Party out of a desire to provide an accessible, inclusive, and quality tabletop gaming experience – and to him the comfort and engagement of everyone at the table comes first. You can find him at @sean_carpedm on Twitter and @sean.carpedm on Instagram.

Patrick Marran

Patrick Marran is a multiclassed Bard / Artificer, and thrilled to join the Cast Party team! Patrick definitely improvised RPGs with his brothers when young, but first filled out a 3.5e character sheet in 2005. His NYC theatre career spans the same length of time, as actor, director, composer/arrangement musician, performing musician, v/o work, and stagehand. In 2016, Patrick launched Bar Rover, focusing on private tastings & the history of Whisk(e)y. In 2018, Patrick helped produce M*Beth, an all-female adaptation of Shakespeare’s Scottish play. He has been DMing since 2017, and frequently plays with fellow Cast Party DM Matt Gordon on Slices & Dices! Online: PatrickMarran.com / Roguediplomats.com / BarRover.com @PatMarran @TheBarRover

Raymond Nagle

Ray is a father, husband and dreamer of worlds who currently resides in Florida, although he fondly remembers places that are colder. For over 35 years, he has shared his passion and excitement for roleplaying games with countless players, including introducing the hobby to many former elementary school students during his 12-year teaching career. There were also quite a few years where he terrorized and entertained people through his involvement in LARPS in the Northeast.

Recent events have kept Ray home supporting the education of his two boys, but have also created new opportunities. He has coordinated over 100 games for friends old and new this past year, providing people a much-needed escape to a world of their imagination. Ray has also spent a lot of money on air conditioning.

You can find Ray on twitter @gm_nagle, and somewhere on the internet he has this thing he does where he tells you if a movie is better or worse than We Bought a Zoo.

Sarah Pencheff-Martin

Sarah Pencheff-Martin is a NYC-based theatre artist who loves playing TTRPGs.  Holding a BA in Theatre Performance and an MA in Educational Theatre, Sarah is veteran of both sides of the curtain–having spent many years performing in NYC before transferring her talents backstage as a costume, prop, mask, and special FX artisan.  She enjoys making people bleed both on stage and in her games–but never in real life!  Her gaming tastes run the gamut from the dark and macabre (Call of Cthulu, Mork Borg, Dread) to campy hilarity (Fiasco!, Honey Heist), and in the best of worlds: a blend of the two!  Sarah came late into TTRPGs, because for some crazy reason the boys would never let her play when she was younger–only watch.  Weirdos.  Her first system was Pathfinder 1e (which has the most delightfully OP iteration of the Blink spell ever to grace a gaming table), and then DnD 5e.  Since then, she loves diving into new systems and learning how they work, and has a new system obsession every other week.  Sarah can be seen weekly (more or less) on the Twitch channel Slices & Dices.

Joe Raso

Joe is a dad, a husband, a mediocre goalie for a rec hockey team, and a long-suffering DM who’s had the pleasure of gaming with the same group since his university days. Since 2018, Joe has been writing, editing, and producing third-party D&D content on the DMs Guild. A few of the best-selling productions he’s contributed to include: The Great Dale Campaign GuideArtifacts of the GuildVillains & LairsWisdom and Warning: The Demon Wastes, and Mistkickers: Ravenloft Sidekicks. As of January 2020, Joe is the acting editor for The Khyber Khronicle, an Eberron magazine published on the DMs Guild. You can follow him on twitter @_joe_raso or on his blog theschemingdm.wordpress.com.

Rachel Savicki

Rachel is a tabletop RPG writer and editor based in New Jersey.  She has been DMing for almost 15 years, and when the world isn’t in lockdown, she has the pleasure of running regular weekly games at Tiki Tiki Board Games.  Rachel started writing professionally in 2018, and since then has contributed to games including ExaltedDystopia Rising: EvolutionTorg Eternity, and more.  She also loves collaborating with other creators on the DMs Guild, where she both writes and edits community-created content for D&D.  When she’s not working on tabletop games, Rachel is an avid LARPer.  She also enjoys playing piano, collecting dice, and hanging out with her cat, Muse.  You can follow Rachel on Twitter @RWritesThings or check out her recent projects on her website at www.rachelwritesthings.com