Power Word Talk: September 2022

Tal is joined by EN Publishing Business Manager Jessica Hancock to discuss Cast Party’s upcoming actual play limited series PodCast Party: Memories of Holdenshire, Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition; the exploration pillar and journey over destination; race, heritage, and culture in D&D; madness, exhaustion, fatigue, and strife; creating content for Level Up: A5E; a paid playtesting opportunity, and more!

Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition: https://www.levelup5e.com/

Level Up: A5E sponsors actual play shows: https://www.levelup5e.com/news/sponsored-level-up-advanced-5th-edition-actual-plays

Level Up: A5E rules online: https://a5e.tools/

Dungeon Delver’s Guide on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/enworld/dungeon-delvers-guide-a-sourcebook-for-5e-and-a5e

Paid playtesting application for Void Runner’s Codex: https://www.levelup5e.com/play-testing

Publishing content for Level Up: A5E: https://www.levelup5e.com/publish

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