Episode 4: Into the Depths

Welcome to Cast Party’s actual play podcast. In PodCast Party: Descent Into Avernus, Dungeon Master Matt Gordon leads players Tal Aviezer, Andy Cannistra, Carolyn Fox, and Rachel Tamarin from the shadows of Baldur’s Gate to the front lines of the planes-spanning Blood War. In Episode 4, the adventurers explore a secret temple hidden in the sewers below Baldur’s Gate.

A black hand, the symbol of Bane
The symbol of Bane, God of Strife and Tyranny
From L to R: A white-haired priest in ragged robes holds a skull dangling from a chain. A mailed warrior with an eye-patch wields a morning star and a shield. A black-robed figure holds a curved dagger.
Left to right: Necromite of Myrkul, Black Gauntlet of Bane, and Reaper of Bhaal

Level Up: Darkvision. In this episode, Corbin calls upon the power of his god, Ilmater, to help the adventurers see in the dark. He does this using a special ability granted to clerics of the Twilight Domain, introduced in Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything:

Description of the Eyes of Night domain feature granted to Twilight Clerics. These clerics have 300 feet of dark vision, and can share that ability with allies for one hour, once per long rest.

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