Bonus Audio Shows

POWER WORD TALK Episode 10: Cast Party talks PodCast Party: Descent into Avernus, Year One (December 2021)

Dungeon Master Matt and players Tal, Andy, Carrie, and Rachel answer the tough, bare-knuckled questions from each other and the listeners about the first 26 episodes of PodCast Party: Descent into Avernus.

POWER WORD TALK Episode 9: Cast Party talks online vs in-person play (November 2021)

Matt & Tal cover the pros and cons of playing in person vs playing online, plus the latest news about D&D, Roll20, Atomic Arcade, Strixhaven: Curriculum of Chaos, and more.

POWER WORD TALK Episode 8: Cast Party talks house rules (October 2021)

Join Tal, Matt, Andy, and Kyle for a super-sized episode as we discuss house rules in 5E D&D – content limits, character creation, optional rules, banned stuff, and much more. Plus the latest news about D&D, Wizards of the Coast, Paizo, and Critical Role.

POWER WORD TALK Episode 7: Cast Party talks Homebrewing (September 2021)

Join Tal, Matt, Rachel, and Dan as we attempt to make an episode discussing what makes great Dungeons & Dragons homebrew but instead spend most of the episode struggling to decide exactly what the term “homebrew” even means these days. We also introduce a shocking new FEATURE where at the top of the show we talk D&D news (in this case, Critical Role’s campaign 3 announcement).

POWER WORD TALK EPISODE 6: Cast Party talks favorite D&D 5E adventures (August 2021)

Tal and Matt set out to discuss our favorite 5E adventures and end up giving our thoughts on almost EVERY official Wizards of the Coast adventure published in the past five years, plus a few indie adventures we love.

POWER WORD TALK EPISODE 5: Cast Party talks D&D as performance (July 2021)

Tal, Matt, and Andy on convergent evolution, theater games, Acquisitions Inc, The Adventure Zone, Critical Role, Dice Camera Action, Harmonquest, LARPing, gatekeeping, PodCast Party: Descent into Avernus, and how playing for an audience changes the game.

POWER WORD TALK EPISODE 4: Cast Party talks monsters (June 2021)

Tal, Rachel, Matt, Luke, John, and Dan enjoyed an audio chat in our Discord server discussing all our favorite monsters: goblins, dragons, mimics, revenants, hags, nightwalkers, imps, beholders, mind flayers, flumphs, and much more.

POWER WORD TALK EPISODE 3: Cast Party talks character classes (May 2021)

Tal Aviezer and Matt Gordon on why players choose classes, what are our favorite classes to play and why, backseat driving, the most powerful class, what we want to play if we ever have the chance, and much more.

POWER WORD TALK Episode 2: Cast Party talks good DMs and good players (April 2021)

Join Tal Aviezer, Matt Gordon, Luke McCormick, and Rachel Tamarin as we discuss the tension of story vs game, player agency, fun, what to do in case of mutilation, homebrew rules, communication, happiness, mapping misery, being a fan of other players’ characters, alignment – what is it good for?, and much more.

POWER WORD TALK Episode 1: Cast Party talks Curse of Strahd (March 2021)

Join Tal Aviezer, Matt Gordon, and Rachel Tamarin for a discussion of one of our favorite adventures, Curse of Strahd. We discuss: Ravenloft history, the theme of toxic masculinity in Curse of Strahd, the Vistani & racism, “celebrity” NPCs Van Richten and Mordenkainen, chainmail bikinis, is Death House too death-y, is it possible to scare D&D players, memorable moments from our experiences running or playing this adventure, and more. Warning: FULL OF SPOILERS. This is a show for: DMs who have run or want to run Curse of Strahd, players who have already played it, or people who are certain they will never play it!

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