World-class actor Jon Hamm journeys on down to Dumb People Town! The Sklars and Daniel Van Kirk chat with Jon about goofing around on the set of Mad Men and his experience going to last year's World Series as a Cardinals fan. Story #1 involves the wrangling of a deer in a super market. Jon tells the tale of his only trip to model-filled Cleveland. The group discusses the Oscars SNAFU and dives into the Marisa Tomei Oscars incident of yesteryear. Story #2 brings to light a series of escalating incidents stemming from a brawl at a wedding rehearsal dinner. Jon speaks of his experience making Keeping Up with the Joneses, meeting Lionel Richie, and his love of St. Louis local commercials. Story #3 involves an alternative way to go through the McDonald's drive through. Steven Seagal leaves a voicemail giving his take on the incident at the Oscars. What's Jon's favorite Girl Scout cookie? Find out on this week's Dumb People Town.
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