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Portlandia's Carrie Brownstein tells the tale of her first date (and how it turned her gay). Plus, Pete Holmes (Crashing) just can’t seem to lose weight, and Solomon Georgio (Conan) deals with the tough realities of having a white boyfriend (hint: brunch). But wait! Stick around for a very special conversation with Tobin Low and Kathy Tu, the hosts of WNYC Studios’ newest podcast, Nancy. Think This American Life, but gayer! Find out what you can expect to hear this season - and Phoebe and Jessica offer up the new hosts some unsolicited advice. Follow @2dopequeens Featured Performers: 1. Carrie Brownstein Follow @Carrie_Rachel    2. Pete Holmes Follow @peteholmes   3. Solomon Georgio Follow @solomongeorgio   
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